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UNBOXING is a nomadic project of digital exhibitions. Inserted in the form of Websites, Instagram Stories, Radio program, Live Videos, Zoom meetings, or/and even WhatsApp conversation, UNBOXING investigates the digital spaces of contemporary art institutions. It seeks to unlock new intangible venues, to discover possible digital paths beyond the existing patterns.

From one chapter to the next, the artists – emerging / gallery-represented or not – are invited to explore the potential of these platforms. It is not a question of using the virtual as a substitute for reality, but rather of exploiting its codes and reversing its lexicon aiming to generate new interactions, reflections, and tales.

UNBOXING slides from the analysis of the artist/work/virtual relationship to re-design the concept of DIGITAL SPACE. In that ‘programmed’ field the content is fed up by the virtual environment, by its inner limits and assets: accessibility, temporality, in-visibility, erasure, contamination.

Transcending the opposition between reality and virtuality, UNBOXING opens up the discussion about the use of digital technology, and its impact. The idea is to explore a porous terrain, a terrain of confluences, a terrain that challenges established roles (or otherwise). The goal is once again to use the digital medium by “sidestepping”, by analyzing its impact in order to contextualize it, in the face of a possible posterity.

On the website, the project becomes an archive where information branches out and proliferates.

We question the idea of an archaeology of the present, of the ruins or relics that make up our personal and collective memory.

The project generates new questions thanks to the reactions of artists using a medium that is never fixed, whose future we cannot predict.

Anna Donà,

Ombeline de Nombel

(trad. Juliet Powys)

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